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The goal of Grow Spirulina is to expand the community of people who grow their own blue-green algae and to widen the knowledge base of different ways to do this. Because of this we do not sell our own products at a higher cost than you could find them elsewhere or tell you that you must do it our way exactly. If you want to try growing outdoors, using tubes instead of tanks or testing out artificial light sources that is up to you. Let's make this easy source of healthy green energy abundant and available!


Here is what you will receive when you order from Grow Spirulina:


First you will receive an email with a .pdf outlining how to create your entire set-up including:


-A list of exactly which nutrients you need and links for the least expensive places to order them from
-Different ideas and recommendations for your aquarium
-Detailed instructions about how to mix your nutrients
-Photos and instructions for growing, maintaining, and harvesting your live spirulina
-An easy to print out and assemble secchi disk for measuring growth


When you have assembled all of your materials send an email to saying “I Am Ready to Enjoy Spirulina” and we will priority mail you a 1 liter bottle of fresh live spirulina.


For the next 6 months you will be able to order up to 2 more bottles of spirulina if you need them. So if something goes wrong, just let us know and we will send a new bottle of spirulina culture. All you have to do is pay $12 shipping (priority flat rate for lower 48 states) on each extra bottle.

The price for all this is $70, which includes priority mail shipping.



This is the cheapest and easiest way to start growing spirulina on your own. You can choose your own sizes for your tank, the amount of nutrients you will need, and you have a back-up plan of gettting more spirulina as you experiment and learn about the optimum growth process in your environment.


Place your order by using this button:



The one item we have found that we can offer which will save you money is harvesting fabric. To harvest you need screenprinting fabric with a 300 mesh, which is quite expensive and can only be purchased by the yard. So we offer a kit which includes a 15 x 18 inch piece of fabric. The price is $85.




If you live in Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico please contact us before you order. Because shipping takes longer to these areas you may have to pay more for express mail shipping.


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